This week is a bit different than others. Rather than ramble about something you likely don’t care about, I thought it would be good for me (for all of us) to take the next hour to pray intentionally.

A while ago I was introduced to something called a “1-hour prayer wheel.” Don’t worry, it’s not some newfangled spiritually themed amusement park attraction. It’s actually an extremely easy way to guide yourself through one straight hour of prayer time.

*GASP* A straight hour of prayer time? I know, I still wince at how intense that sounds. Maybe you’ve never spent a full hour in prayer. Maybe your attention span has only rarely allowed you to focus on something for fifteen minutes at a time.

But have no fear, because if I can do it, so can you. In fact, all you need is a timer (or a clock), a 5-minute attention span, and 1 whole hour (bit of a “duh” here, I suppose).

So here’s the magic demystified:

First, we break the hour into 5 minute increments. Let’s say that for the first five minutes we focus on thanking God for stuff. Then for the next five minutes, we worship him. Then we continue doing this (with something new to do at each five minute increment written out for you) until PRESTO–one hour’s gone.

How much easier is that than looking at an entire hour and thinking, “How in the world am I going to do this?”

Answer: Way easier. So much easier I’d call it magic. Er. . . something.

ALRIGHT. . . here we go!

1. Say Thanks: Thank God for all he’s done, for who he is, and for accepting and loving us, and for giving us the ability to honor him through our creative gifts. Get creative. Find a reason to thank him for everything that pops in your mind during the next 5 minutes.

2. Praise Him: You’ve thanked God for everything under the sun (not really), so now you’re ready to worship him! Lift your hands, dance around like a crazy, or maybe just sit there and enjoy his presence. Whatever happens, the next 5 minutes are about GOD and not YOU.

3. Meditate on Him: Think about who God is. If you need some inspiration, read Genesis 1.

4. Look Forward: Invite God to speak to you, then sit back and think about the hour before you and the things you want God to change in you.

5. Confess: Ask the Holy Spirit to show you anything in your life that isn’t honoring him. Whether it’s actions, attitudes, or maybe even a lack of action. Then confess it (say you’re sorry and decide to not do it again) and trust in his promise to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness so you can continue in confidence and boldness.

6. Rest: Bask in his presence, in his mercy, in his love for you, in his forgiveness, in the lightening of your load. Let the Holy Spirit fill you.

7. Read the Word: Read from either the Psalms or the Epistles.

8. Sing: Doesn’t matter if you’re tone-deaf, just sing a song about him. Make it up on the spot even.

9. Pray for others: If you have a prayer list, just go through what you can in the next 5 minutes, and move on to step 10. If you don’t have a list, think of your friends and family and pray for safety, guidance, healing, or whatever else comes to mind.

10. Write: Ask God to speak to you. Then write down what you think he’s brought to your mind. Or, maybe write about some aspect of God you find completely amazing, like how he had the power to speak the world into existence (that’s pretty cool, if you ask me).

11. Praise: Praise him for speaking to you, for lifting you up, for giving you peace, for whatever you felt he’s done in your heart this hour.

12. Dedicate Your Day: Offer your day to him. Surrender your mind and commit yourself to honoring him with everything you say and do over the next 24 hours, including your creative endeavors!

AAAAAAAND bam! You just prayed for an hour. So how was it? Find it helpful? Comment and share!