If you worship truth, you’re a heathen.

If you worship anything besides God, you’re destined for hell.

In the West, we’ve become obsessed with verifiable fact.

But reliance on verifiable fact is diametrically opposed to faith in God, whose appearance as a human is a ludicrous impossibility but for the simple exercising of faith.

Jesus said that if we’re nice only to those who are nice to us, our niceness is worthless. In the same way, when we believe only in what may be proven, our belief is nothing.

Children believe implicitly. They do not find faith a hard concept to grasp. Only after being indoctrinated with Western scientific thought does faith become difficult.

We take that to mean children are naïve and easily fooled. But here we must caution ourselves. Because across the board, four year old’s have an easier time following Christ than thirty-year-old science majors.

Can’t you see? Isn’t it obvious?

I’m not saying we need to reject truth or verifiable fact. Accepting those is necessary and easy.

The difficult part is moving past truth and verifiable fact to actual faith in an intangible, infinite God who knows things we can never wrap our minds around, and uses them to order a universe that mostly lies far beyond the cold grip of science.

If you don’t prioritize faith over knowledge, the first calamity will pummel your faith.

When pressures rise, and pain increases, reliance on intellect will be the sand you built your house on.

This is why I write fantasy. To remind myself that the mysteries of God are greater than the little I actually understand of him, and that I must have faith in God to follow and honor him.

This is why my writing fantasy is an elaborate prayer and a form of worship. Because it is a tool I use to set my heart on the mysteries of Christ.

Western adults are so terrified that fantasy will confuse children. But anyone who’s ever played make-believe with a four year old child knows that this is an absolutely idiotic fear.

Children know that make-believe is not real, and that is precisely why they enjoy it. Like irony, to know that something is not true and yet to act as though it is provides the purest of joys.

Until Western dogma strangles the joy out of us.

And while children laugh and giggle their way into the arms of Jesus, we Pharisees stand on the street corners with rulers in our eyes, seeking the next blasphemer in need of a theological whipping.

Do you ever wonder why the Western church is dead and dying? Do you ever wonder why bars are more popular than churches? Do you ever wonder why morality is crumbling in America?

It is because we’ve traded God for comfortable facts, and worshipped intellect over our Creator.

We’ve become lukewarm Pharisees incapable of setting our hearts on the mysteries of Christ because we’ve convinced ourselves that the greatest good in the universe is the greatest evil.