Before nations, tribes, or families existed, there was one man: Adam. Formed from the dust of the ground and the breath of the Creator, this is the story of how he came to Life, and finally chose Death.

Based on Genesis 2 and 3, Adam is a fictional retelling of the creation and fall of man. It is both a standalone short e-book, and a prequel to the full-length novel, Cain, which one reader called, "a profound, entertaining read...(that) offers real hope to the evil that crouches at our doorstep."

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What others are saying about The Fall of Man Series:

Billy Coffey
"A stunning and captivating novel. Brennan McPherson's fluid prose and vivid imagination are a treat for the senses, bringing to life one of the Old Testament's most enigmatic figures." --Billy Coffey, critically acclaimed author of When Mockingbirds Sing
Gordon Robertson
"Cain is a wonderful novel that explores the 'what ifs' of the world's first family. Brennan McPherson explores the questions we've all had about Adam and Eve. 'What happened to Cain?' is just the beginning. Brennan writes in a refreshing style that makes you want to read more, and I expect this novel is just the first of many more to come." --Gordon Robertson, CEO of The Christian Broadcasting Network
William Sirls
"Orson Scott Card meets Stephen King. An imaginative debut novel that explores the first murder and makes us aware of the Cain in all of us. McPherson can write, and his beautiful language is both artistic and thought provoking." --William Sirls, best-selling author of The Reason and The Sinners' Garden
Bill Myers
"With literary skill and respect to the original text, McPherson weaves a terrific 'what if' story on the life of Cain, all the while exploring the depths of temptation, sin, and above all, God's unfathomable mercy." --Bill Myers, best-selling author of EliĀ 
Charles Martin
"Thought provoking, well written, creative, highly imaginative, and all written within an honest attempt at accurately interpreting Scripture while allowing for creative license within the bounds of what might be possible. A smartly-paced debut novel. I think we'll be hearing more of Brennan and his stories." --Charles Martin, New York Times best-selling author of Unwritten and Water From My Heart
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