Today is going to be a bit different.

Rather than a devotional, I wanted to give a few updates. 

Although it may seem like I’ve been pretty inactive (especially because 2020 has felt infinitely long – RIGHT?!), with only one book released this year (EDEN), a lot more has been in the works.

In addition to writing Eden, I wrote a screenplay that will never see the light of day because the theaters died this year (thanks COVID), and I’m nearing 300 pages written in Abram (looking at an April launch). God willing, the next book, Isaac, should be out late in 2021, which will make 2021 a bit more exciting.

But what I’m most pumped about is a very large project I’ve been working on at my day job.

A free, world-class video course on the Gospel for adults and for children! We’re on track to have the entire project translated, dubbed (meaning narrated in a new language), and available in about 15 languages by the end of 2021.

The project’s goal is to give new Christians a heart-level understanding of the Gospel, and the tools they need to start getting spiritually nourished, and engaged with a local church, to grow in their faith and faithfulness to Christ.

Yes, there are lots of Gospel presentations out there. But this course solves a slew of unique problems, and sprang out of our frustration and inability to find anything similar to serve an international audience.

These digital resources will be offered for free to countless missionaries, pastors, ministries, and individuals around the globe.

Most pastors internationally are bi-vocational, have nearly no margin, virtually no training, and limited education. But God has chosen them, and they have faithfully answered his call to minister to people and start churches.

God uses these men and women mightily. But because their congregants lack access to many of the simple materials that we take for granted, their job is made more difficult, and they hunger for materials to support them. This video series will solve some real issues for many of them.

Yet all of us have opportunities to minister to people around us.

Because of this, I believe that this free video course will be useful to many of you, as well.

Not only do I think many of you will enjoy the video course purely because the Gospel is so central a focus in our lives, but I think that you will find it a useful tool to go through with your Bible study groups, or to send to your friends who are seeking to understand Christianity better, or to give to new believers who want a next-step.

So, when it’s ready in the Spring of 2021, I’ll send you the course.

What 2020 has reminded us all of is that one day, our bodies will stop working. Our family will be torn away. Our possessions will rot. And we’ll be standing in front of our Maker, alone, and everything we did in life will be weighed in the scales of eternity. I don’t want him disappointed with the results.

I know I’ve done a poor job of getting a devotional out each week. I’m trying to not lose focus, but apparently I’m bad at that. One of these days, I’ll figure out how to hold myself to a schedule like a real adult. I’m working on it!

Thank you so much for your support. Honestly, you’ve made this year a wonderful year in writing-land.

Eden has sold fantastically well (nearly 180 reviews/ratings on Amazon! – and to think that because of modern technology, I’m able to do this all on my own and from my couch – it’s mind blowing!). The feedback from you all has been incredibly encouraging. You’ve been a blessing to me. So, I’m praying that God will bless you, as well.

-Brennan McP