Christian Art

Christian Art

For years there’s been debate on whether the label, “Christian Art,” is appropriate. Well folks, the time for confusion is over. Because today, right here, right now, I’m going to give you Continue Reading

Why I Love Being Really Really Bored

really really bored

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying good entertainment.

With Netflix, video games, and mobile apps being so ubiquitous, you can binge-watch TV shows in the bathroom, on the highway, or flying in a plane. It’s easier than ever to indulge the itch.

We all joke about it. Commercials have even satirized “the show hole” (that moment your series ends and you have nothing else to watch). But it’s all representative of a real addiction to entertainment.

I used to play video games like Continue Reading

The Definition of Art

Ever wondered how to define Art? To define and measure Art perfectly is impossible, so instead I devised a Continue Reading

Why blog about Art and Faith?

Art / Faith

Aren’t Art and Faith at odds with each other? Art is all about breaking boundaries, and Faith is all about coloring between the lines. Right?

Actually, through the centuries, Art and Faith have always had a close relationship. It used to be that one of the only ways a musician could make a living was by making music for the church. For millennia, people’s Faith has pushed them to Continue Reading