Christ is a scarlet thread woven through the tapestry of humanity. We’re his because the needle has pierced us like nails in his hands. And he’s pierced us as part of his perfect design. A picture we can’t see, yet still believe glorifies him. The blank space and the red lines together. Those who bow willingly and those whose legs will be broken. The believers and the non-believers who’ll confess together, “Jesus Christ is Lord.”

Christ offers us comfort and pain, two in one. A life in its fullness, not one that’s numb. If there’s no pain in beauty, there’s not beauty enough. And the struggles aren’t worthy if they’re not deep enough.

Because the loss of love makes his love sweeter still. Because he chose us, and keeps us, and sings us to sleep. And he dances over us, and kisses us, showing love complete.

The life of Christ is whole, not partial. Don’t settle for a caricature. Find him, cling to him. Let everything else fade. The only life that’s real enough is life in his Name.

Glory to God, forever, amen. Let us fade, and our wills ever bend to the gravity of his Son.